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Nike Innovation Assessments

Nike Innovation Assessments: Understanding and Enhancing Chemistry through SciveraLENS®

Nike’s Chemistry Center of Excellence (COE) works with Scivera® to better understand the chemistries in Nike products and provide tools and support to screen and select safer chemistries. Scivera provides a suite of web-based software tools to screen and Track chemistries against regulatory lists (like the Nike RSL, ZDHC MRSL, AFIRM RSL, SVHCs, etc.) as well as gather Insight into the underlying human and environmental health attributes of chemistries in products and processes. When combined, this ability to track lists and gain deep insight from chemistry attributes enables cost-effective, safer chemistry decisions. Scivera’s tools also allow for the sharing of results with colleagues and customers while protecting intellectual property.

There are three options to participate in Nike’s Innovation Assessments

  1. Share formulation ingredients directly with Nike (preferred by Nike). Nike will screen and assess the formulation at no cost to you.
  2. If you do not want disclose your formulation ingredients to Nike, you can work with Scivera to enter your formulation ingredients into SciveraLENS Rapid Screen and share redacted assessment results while protecting your proprietary information.  This is also at no additional cost to you.
  3. If you would like to see your assessment results before sharing a redacted or full disclosure version of assessment results to Nike, you may choose to select a paid Rapid Screen subscription plan (discounted for selected Nike suppliers).

Benefits of SciveraLENS Rapid Screen Tracker + Insight for Nike suppliers

  • Screen chemistry(ies) against over 250 Regulatory, Authoritative, NGO, Industry, and Preferred Substances Lists and Sub-lists (including the Nike RSL and ZDHC MRSL)
  • Learn more about chemistries of interest by reviewing 23 human and environmental health attributes verified by Scivera’s board-certified toxicologists to predict future restricted substances and identify preferred substitutes
  • Gain insight into how Nike evaluates chemistries and proactively screen products prior to review by Nike
  • Easily share the results of screening work with Nike and others while protecting proprietary ingredient information

Email us to participate in this program.

Scivera will help you:

  1. Sign up for a SciveraLENS Rapid Screen account (service or subscription)
  2. Execute Web Services Agreement which includes Mutual Confidentiality and Non-disclosure agreement language (Review our Web Services Agreement text)
  3. Enter product formulation(s)
  4. Review assessment results in SciveraLENS Nike Chemistry Dashboard (included with a paid subscription)
  5. Share assessment results in redacted form to Nike

Scivera Contact:
Betsy Murry
Dir. Client Success and Product Management