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Screened Chemistry for Commodity Chemicals

Welcome to the Screened Chemistry for Commodity Chemicals benchmarking process.

LS&Co is requiring its suppliers (i.e., mills, laundries, and other facilities) to screen commodity chemicals used in processes according to the ZDHC MRSL. Over the next few weeks, LS&Co is requiring all suppliers to make use of a fast and cost-effective process that LS&Co has developed with Scivera (USA) and NimkarTek Technical Services (India) for this step in the program.  


  1. Create an account for your company
  2. Enter product information for each commodity chemical from each supplier on hand at your facility
  3. Take a sample of each commodity chemical by each supplier
  4. Generate a lab submission form for the samples taken
  5. Send your samples to NimkarTek in Mumbai

Scivera will generate results for each sample and share via your account. These results will be shared with LS&Co.

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Learn about Scivera’s Screened Chemistry certification for your auxiliary products.