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Collaborations and Partnerships



GoBlu and The BHive®

The BHiveWith the connection between The BHive® and SciveraLENS®, brands and manufacturers now have instant access to chemical products that have achieved a Screened Chemistry score and certificate from Scivera.

Market your products more broadly. 
Select safer chemicals that have already been assessed and verified by Scivera’s team. 

Learn more about the partnership and announcement here.


Hohenstein launches new Academy - Hohenstein

Scivera and Hohenstein Greener Chemistry Collaboration

Two powerful systems, working together to deliver best-in-class verification and certification of preferred chemical formulations.

Available for subscribers of SciveraLENS®. Achieve industry-leading certificates for Screened Chemistry and ZDHC Level 3 MRSL conformance. Predict potential restricted substances to stay ahead of future MRSL changes. Explore alternatives to improve scores and avoid regrettable substitutions. Confirm reformulations and impurities through testing.

Learn more here and get in touch to begin.


Scivera and Jeanologia Safer Chemistry Collaboration

Jeanologia uses the SciveraLENS platform as part of its own Environmental Impact Measurement (EIM) scoring system to give ‘safer chemistry scores’ for formulations based on the ZDHC manufacturing restricted substance list (MRSL) and screened chemistry tools.

View the announcement here.


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