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SciVera launches enhanced version SciVeraLENS® Secure Supplier Platform (SSP)

Today SciVera released the next generation of SciVeraLENS® SSP, the “Secure Supplier Platform” that supports SciVera’s flagship SciVeraLENS® Chemical Safety Assessment Platform. SSP enables manufacturers to engage their suppliers—and their entire multi-tier product supply chain—in a secure, Web-based, materials and chemical data collection network that dramatically simplifies the processing of chemical safety assessments on raw materials and complex products.

SciVeraLENS® SSP is a turn-key platform that offers a reliable business process for manufacturers to gather material and chemical data from suppliers. With supplier input delivered via SSP, manufacturers then use SciVeraLENS® CSA Platform to process chemical safety assessments for their products and comply with a growing list of regulatory and market requirements.

SciVeraLENS® CSA Platform subscribers first invite their suppliers to register for SciVeraLENS® SSP. Suppliers then establish their own secure instance of SSciVeraLENS® SSP for a small annual fee. Once registered, a supplier can upload and manage unlimited Bill of Substances (BOS) and Bill of Materials (BOM) documents to SSP for processing chemical safety assessments via SciVeraLENS®. Suppliers then share the resulting chemical safety assessment summary with their B2B customers while protecting confidential ingredient information of their material or product.

SciVera customers are using the powerful combination of SciVeraLENS® CSA Platform and SciVeraLENS® SSP to securely and reliably gather BOM and BOS data from their suppliers and process reliable chemical safety assessments of products.