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Scivera Launches RSL Quick Screen Tool for the AFIRM Group

Scivera is supporting faster and easier screening of chemicals against the Apparel and Footwear International RSL Management Group (AFIRM) Restricted Substances List for brands, their global supplier networks, and visitors to the AFIRM Website. Since 2015, the AFIRM RSL has been a resource for suppliers to establish chemical management knowledge and processes, build full or base compliance with AFIRM member chemical restrictions, and provide a common base for analytical testing.

With the new AFIRM RSL Quick Screen available on the AFIRM Group website, visitors simply enter a chemical (by CAS Number) and instantly see results via Scivera’s chemical screening technology. Results indicate if the chemical of interest is present on the AFIRM RSL, or not. The quick screen includes an added benefit of providing instant feedback on chemicals that are part of groups that might indicate a restricted substance. In addition to viewing the RSL Quick Screen results, visitors can learn how SciveraLENS® simplifies the process of communicating with suppliers and supports the search for safer alternative chemicals.

Scivera’s President, Joe Rinkevich, says “Scivera is proud to provide this functionality for the AFIRM Group website, which will make it easier and faster for visitors to screen chemicals against the AFIRM RSL. List screening is a critical first step in reducing the use of harmful substances in the apparel and footwear supply chain and seeking safer alternatives. Scivera makes it easy for brands and their suppliers to take this first step, and then quickly move up the curve of achievement to selecting safer chemicals for products and processes through the use of SciveraLENS®.”

To get started, visit the AFIRM website and select “Quickly screen a chemical against the AFIRM RSL”:

AFIRM Restricted Substances List