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Scivera presents safer alternatives solutions at SETAC 2017

Minneapolis, MN USA | 13 November 2017 — Today Scivera presented at the annual Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC) North America gathering on the company’s groundbreaking work to help consumer product brands and their suppliers identify preferred alternatives to regulated and restricted chemicals. Scivera’s presentation was part of the session entitled, “The Science of Safer Chemistry: Researchers, Retailers, and Beyond.” Scivera president, Joe Rinkevich, described the company’s work to deliver safer chemical choices to manufacturers of consumer products and their global supplier networks.

In the presentation entitled, “Integrating safer chemicals into consumer product materials decision-making: Enabling chemical screening and alternatives assessment ‘upstream,’” Rinkevich illustrated the company’s ongoing engagement with consumer products brands and their extensive supplier networks. The presentation featured a case study with Scivera client and SciveraLENS Rapid Screen subscriber, Officina+39, an Italy-based textile chemical manufacturer.

Officina+39 uses Scivera’s board-certified toxicology services, combined with the efficiency and scalability of the SciveraLENS Rapid Screen platform to meet the requirements of the Levi Strauss & Co Screened Chemistry Program. Scivera is an authorized service provider of the innovative chemicals management program LS&Co has implemented with chemical suppliers to identify preferred chemistry for its products and processes and inspire innovation in the textile supply chain.

SciveraLENS Rapid Screen is Scivera’s innovative web-based app that delivers best-in-class knowledge about the human and environmental health characteristics of chemicals commonly used in consumer products and supporting manufacturing processes. Users can then share their SciveraLENS assessment results with colleagues and customers for no additional charge–all while protecting proprietary ingredient information.

Many global brands along with their deep and wide supplier networks use SciveraLENS to gather chemical information, protect supplier confidential information, and deliver unprecedented insight on chemicals to support compliance, product stewardship, and sustainability efforts.

At SETAC 2017, Scivera announced the newest component of SciveraLENS: collections of chemicals organized by functional class. This advanced and targeted chemical knowledge will help brands and their supplier networks quickly and cost-effectively explore safer substitutes for regulated and restricted chemicals based on chemical functional class. Does one of your key ingredients now appear on an industry restricted substance list (“RSL”)? Use SciveraLENS to explore other chemicals in that same functional class to identify potential alternatives with preferred human and environmental characteristics. Currently Scivera’s growing collection of functional classes includes, solvents, surfactants, pigments, and dozens of others. 

Suppliers can choose from dozens of functional classes of interest (e.g., surfactants, pigments, solvents, etc.) and access through SciveraLENS Rapid Screen these safer alternatives assessed by Scivera’s board-certified toxicologists.

“Safer alternatives categorized by functional class is exactly what our product development teams and suppliers have been waiting for,” said one conference attendee from a major consumer products brand. Our suppliers have been struggling for years to find preferred alternatives to restricted chemicals while avoiding “regrettable substitutions”—chemicals that are not yet on regulatory lists, but have harmful characteristics that will likely cause them to be restricted in the future.

Scivera’s Rapid Screen is available for a free test drive and via several annual subscription plans. In addition to offering pre-screened collections of chemicals organized by functional class, SciveraLENS Rapid Screen significantly reduces the cost and turnaround time of product and process chemical screening while protecting supplier intellectual property.

Contact Scivera’s Toxicology Team to receive a copy of our SETAC 2017 Presentation ::