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SciVera Vice President, Dr. Patricia Beattie, Presents at Society of Toxicology Annual Meeting in Washington, DC

Dr. Beattie Organized and Co-Chaired Workshop Session: “Safer Products for a Sustainable World: Linking Chemical Design and Toxicology”. This session discussed the need for chemists and toxicologists to work together to design safer industrial chemicals, recent advances in understanding the mechanisms of toxicity, the development of high-throughput screening (HTS) assays as well as other predictive methods allow for rapid assessment and screening of many more chemicals than has been possible using traditional whole animal models.
These advancements support our activities at SciVera to provide methods and tools for downstream users of chemicals to make more informed decisions on the chemicals in their products. Panelists/Speakers included Dr. Paul Anastas, Assistant Administrator, US EPA, Director, Office of Research and Development; Dr Megan Schwarzman, UC Berkeley; Dr. Paul Schulte, NIOSH; and Dr. Richard Judson, US EPA, National Center for Computational Toxicology.