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Choose safer chemicals,
create safer products with Scivera

The unique SciveraLENS® platform drives the transformation towards safer chemistry and material health, helping you to simplify your chemical management process.

SciveraLENS® is a powerful cloud-based program that utilizes over 4,500 chemical hazard assessments (CHAs) completed by a team of toxicologists — the largest library in existence — and an easy to understand 23-endpoint user interface to help brands and suppliers know exactly what chemicals are in their products and identify safer alternatives when needed.

With SciveraLENS® you can:

  • Screen formulations for sourcing and product development
  • Understand your company’s chemical footprint
  • Manage compliance and certification requirements automatically
  • Benefit from 4,500+ Chemical Hazard Assessments verified by Scivera’s team of toxicologists
  • Protect your intellectual property while providing necessary chemical safety information
  • Save money
  • Unite your supply chain
  • Build a configurable plan to fit your needs and budget

Get in touch today to learn more and see how Scivera can help you create safer products.

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