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SciveraLENS® Rapid Screen Update: Screened Chemistry Certificate Request Form

Scivera is one of only two Screened Chemistry service providers approved to provide Screened Chemistry assessment, scoring, and certifications for chemical products. (Learn more about the Screened Chemistry program here: Because of our comprehensive chemical data knowledge base and our innovative software solutions, we are able to support the Screened Chemistry process in a simple, fast, and cost-effective way. To make the process even more simple, Scivera created an online Screened Chemistry Certificate Request Form that walks users through the process and form requirements with guided prompts. Users can also populate a Screened Chemistry Certificate Request Form directly from an existing Collection. 

Certificate Request Form


Make sure to review the User Guide article on Certifying Your Products for Screened Chemistry Using SciveraLENS Rapid Screen here:

Already logged into Rapid Screen? Click on the Certificates link in your left-hand navigation menu in Rapid Screen: 

SciveraLENS® Rapid Screen Certificate Menu

You can also select the Options menu next to each Collection or the Options menu in each Collection’s Detail view to create a Certificate Request from one of your Collections:

Certificate Menu Select

Throughout the certification process, you can check the status of your request and communicate with our Toxicology team right from your Certificates Panel. 

Ready to start the Screened Chemistry certification process or have questions about how we can help you? Send us an email