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Choose safer chemicals,
create safer products with SciveraLENS®


• Ensure your brand integrity

Screen formulations for sourcing and product development. Use our 23 toxicological endpoint system to proactively identify potential issues and find safer alternatives. Understand your company’s chemical footprint.

• Work faster and dive deeper

Manage compliance and certification requirements automatically.  Simplify data gathering, list-screening, and chemical hazard assessments with an easy-to-understand interface.

• Save money

Benefit from the world’s largest Safer Chemistry Knowledge Base with over 4,500 Verified Chemical Hazard Assessments from Scivera’s team of toxicologists. Build a configurable plan to fit your needs and budget.

• Unite your supply chain

Whether you’re a supplier or a brand, feel confident submitting or receiving chemical reports with redacted information that protects intellectual property while providing necessary chemical safety information.

Did you know:

of hazardous chemicals are not regulated or restricted? Learn more.>>

Protect your customers and your brand with SciveraLENS Chemical Hazard Assessments.

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How a Chemical Hazard Assessment works with SciveraLENS

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SciveraLens graphic
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SciveraLENS supports many green chemistry initiatives and certification programs including:

Screened Chemistry Certification
EIM Product Scoring
Nike’s Innovation Assessments
EPEAT Registration
Labeling of Hazardous Materials Act (LHAMA) evaluation and certification


“Scivera does in 5 minutes what took months and $2-3K per chemical to do. I don’t see how [we] can do CHA alternatives assessment without it unless we are OK with crawling at a glacial pace.”
—SciveraLENS user

“The industry needs tools like SciveraLENs like an artist needs paint. Everyone is looking for the alternative now and looking into the future, we are anticipating where the problems will lie in terms of the ingredients we are currently using, and we’re doing that using data from SciveraLENS.”

“We are trying to get ahead of trends regarding chemicals compliance management and ensure that we can pre-emptively remove any potentially harmful chemicals from our supply chain. Given that requirements change every six months or year, the industry needs some capability to monitor the raw materials in the manufacturing process.”

“Scivera allows me to make recommendations around preferred chemistry without spending weeks doing the required research and to answer key questions relating to the sustainability of chemicals far quicker than we would otherwise be able to—it is a cost-saving tool for us. [Perhaps] the biggest benefit is enabling us continued market access—it protects us from the potential harm of either releasing a product with banned chemicals or being caught on the wrong side of regulatory changes relating to harmful chemicals.”

“It is possible to find toxicological information in all sorts of other places…but there is nothing that is as straightforward to use as Scivera.”
—SciveraLENS User

“Customers will give first priority to my chemicals because they have the certifications needed and won’t harm the environment.”
—Silgenz Technologies


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