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Scivera has been working with brands, manufacturers and suppliers since 2008, helping them choose safer chemicals to create safer products. We offer a range of live and on-demand webinars to help you stay on top of your chemical sustainability

SciveraLENS webinar

SciveraLENS® Webinar

14 June 2023

Scivera, an Enhesa Sustainable Chemistry solution, helps leading brands and suppliers across the globe create better products using safer chemicals.

The unique SciveraLENS® platform is driving the transformation towards safer chemistry and material health – helping you to simplify your chemical management structure. It is a powerful cloud-based program that utilizes over 4,500 chemical hazard assessments (CHAs) completed by a team of experienced toxicologists.

Join this 30 minute webinar to find out how SciveraLENS® could help you and your suppliers know exactly what chemicals are in your products and identify safer alternatives when needed.

The Scivera PFAS Webinar

The Scivera PFAS Webinar

31 May 2023

With current and emerging regulations, restrictions and consumer concerns around PFAS, everyone is searching for ways to stay ahead of the curve and avoid the PFAS trap.

Join this webinar to get guidance on how to identify PFAS in your products and processes, find safer alternatives and engage your supply chain with a high response rate.

PFAS Regulatory Update with Chemical Watch webinar

PFAS Regulatory Update with Chemical Watch

7 June 2023

Scivera is delighted to host this webinar with Chemical Watch to bring you the latest regulatory updates on PFAS.

Chemical Watch provides timely, in-depth, impartial, and easy-to-understand coverage of news and insights for product safety professionals managing chemicals. So, they are perfectly positioned to present an overview of the PFAS landscape.

The Importance of Supply Chain Engagement and Transparency to Trace PFAS workshop recording

The Importance of Supply Chain Engagement to Trace PFAS

25 April 2023

Scivera presented at the Chemical Watch fifth Global PFAS Conference in April 2023. Our workshop focussed on the importance of supply chain engagement when tracing PFAS. Jillian Stacy, Business Manager Sustainable Chemistry at Enhesa shared insight into how PFAS is affecting more than the products team at your company, but also Operations/Production, Quality, Regulatory Affairs, Legal and others. She also spoke about where we’ve seen success and where companies struggle, as well as some best practices for engaging with suppliers throughout the supply chain.

Supply Chain Transparency with Scivera webinar recording

Supply Chain Transparency with Scivera webinar

28 February 2023

For the past 14 years we have learned a lot about what really matters to you when it comes to chemical sustainability. Based on our experience, we invite you to create a sustainable chemicals management program that promotes supply chain transparency: gather data efficiently, protect confidential business information, and understand the chemical ingredient characteristics of the chemicals being used in your products and processes.

Join this 45-minute webinar to hear what Scivera has to offer for building supply chain transparency for effective chemicals management.

The EU Green Deal webinar-1

The European Green Deal: A New Hope for Safer Chemistry webinar

11 October 2022

The 2nd webinar focusing on the European Green Deal. The first webinar took place on 21 July 2022.

Watch this webinar to get information on the focal points of The European Green Deal and to explore how Scivera could help overcome the chemical restriction barriers within The Deal and beyond, and jump ahead of the competition on the road to sustainability.

PFAS webinar with Chemical Watch

Identify chemicals of concern in your products before they are restricted webinar

3 August 2022

Webinar in partnership with Chemical Watch.

Product developers worldwide are looking for innovative, sustainable production practices, packaging materials and methods to properly screen and assess chemical ingredients in their products. This search is driven by the global PFAS restrictions and the EU Green Deal, including the Restrictions Roadmap which could see the ban of up to 12,000 potentially dangerous chemicals.

Brands and their suppliers have many challenges to meet market demand for more sustainable products – sourcing quality materials and ingredients, packaging that reduces environmental impacts, optimising the use of water, energy and other natural resources. With so many boxes to tick, companies need cost-effective and efficient resources to screen chemical formulations and to find safer alternatives.

The EU Green Deal webinar 2

The European Green Deal with Scivera webinar

21 July 2022

In December of 2019, in response to the growing challenges related to climate change, the European Commission presented the European Green Deal, a comprehensive and aggressive proposal to transform the EU into the first climate neutral continent by 2050. By 2050, if companies cannot show the chemical data in their products, they will not have access to the EU market.

With this in mind, companies need to ensure that they:

1 Know the chemicals being used in products and processes
2 Understand the human and environmental impacts of chemicals through chemical hazard assessments
3 Can identify both problematic chemicals and safer alternatives.

Scivera was founded with a future-forward mindset based on the idea that something like the Green Deal would have to come to fruition at some point. Scivera provides a standardized Chemical Hazard Assessment based on GHS principles. All verified assessments are run across 23 human health and environmental endpoints by our team of toxicologists and added to our curated database- the largest global repository of CHAs in the world at more than 4500.

Watch this webinar to get information on the focal points of The European Green Deal and to explore how Scivera could help overcome the chemical restriction barriers within The Deal and beyond, and jump ahead of the competition on the road to sustainability.

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