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What Most RSLs Tools are Missing: Expanded List Screening with SciveraLENS Rapid Screen 

When screening your products and formulations against regulatory “Restricted Substance Lists” (“RSLs”) manually, by a spreadsheet, or with other software tools, you can quickly identify whether or not a chemical in your product or formulation appears in the RSL and determine next steps. But in this process, you are likely missing some critical information. 

Many RSLs reference general families of chemicals (e.g., “all mercury-containing compounds”), which requires the user of the list to be very diligent about the possible chemicals that might fit into these general groups. 

For example, on the Washington State’s Chemicals of High Concern to Children (“WA CHCC”) RSL, the list includes:

Chemical Groups WA CHCC

But what are the CAS RNs that are included in Mercury compounds or Antimony compounds? How can you as a chemicals management professional get your arms around this daunting task of tracking and managing the thousands of chemicals that fit into these groups?

In SciveraLENS® Rapid Screen, Scivera’s team provides both base lists like the WA CHCC’s 70 original CAS RNs as well as an expanded version that includes all CAS RNs included in the specified chemical families and groups. This better and faster access to chemical knowledge helps you identify potentially problematic chemicals. 

In this example, the basic WA CHCC RSL includes approximately 70 identified chemicals. When you include the CAS RNs associated with each chemical family listed, this number grows to over 4,000 and can quickly become overwhelming when managing the process without a system like SciveraLENS. 

When you select a list for screening in SciveraLENS, you’ll instantly see whether or not your chemical appears on a list of interest, if a concentration threshold is indicated, whether or not your concentration exceeds that threshold, and if the chemical appears on the list as part of a chemical group using simple icons so you can make informed decisions quickly and confidently. 

List Screening Icons in SciveraLENS® Rapid Screen

Including chemical families in your list screening process provides you with a full assessment of how chemicals of interest are regulated or restricted and allows you to identify any potential problematic chemicals and save on testing costs and product failures. 


Scivera is a CAS Verified Partner. All CAS RNs used by Scivera in SciveraLENS have been verified by Chemical Abstract Services, a division of the American Chemical Society.