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Why I joined the Scivera team

Dr. Lori BesterveltI am thrilled and deeply honored to be joining the team at Scivera. As I reflect on my first few weeks at Scivera I would like to share some of the reasons I joined the company and why I am excited to be here. Having spent the better part of my career helping companies understand their chemical ingredients and create safer products, the major challenge I would hear over and over is the lack of a tool to help them accomplish this. Companies would often struggle to make informed choices about chemical hazards in their products and how to seek and identify healthier chemical or material alternatives. This massive gap left companies at risk. If only a tool were available!

I realized, as a toxicologist, that healthy lives follow safer product choices and helping companies make safer ingredient choices enables people and the environment to thrive. Companies are looking for innovative solutions that help them ensure transparency into their supply chain and foster informed decisions regarding chemical hazards. Demanding and specifying healthier materials makes a difference throughout the entire value chain. I recognized that having access to high quality, actionable chemical hazard data was a gap that existed and often prevented companies from moving beyond compliance and into proactive safe design. Better data leads to better decisions. The transformation to safer products requires new tools that help companies make more informed decisions about the chemistry they choose.

A few years back, I was introduced to a company called Scivera and their software database called SciveraLENS®.  Many global consumer brands, retailers, and their suppliers were using SciveraLENS to screen and assess chemistries for compliance, innovation, and sustainability, thereby helping companies understand their supply chain and make safer chemical ingredient decisions. I believe this software is the tool that can bridge the challenge that I encountered early in my career when companies were trying to use better chemistries to create safer healthier products.  Companies using this software can take proactive steps in knowing what is in their product, reduce the use of chemicals of concern, and seek safer chemical alternatives.

Scivera is propelled by a passionate group of people who are committed to building something great that will help guide companies along their journey to better chemistry. I have dedicated my career to this, and I am excited and inspired to continue my work at Scivera.